Check Out Some Cool Art by Shannon Bonatakis and Kiersten Essenpreis From Their Gallery1988 L.A. Show

     May 4, 2013


I love discovering new artists.  While it’s always great to see the latest work by Martin Ansin or Tyler Stout, walking into a gallery and not being sure what you’re going to see is a great feeling…especially when the art is well done.  And that’s what happened last night as I walked into the Shannon Bonatakis and Kiersten Essenpreis show at Gallery1988 in Los Angeles.  Last week at the Bad Robot show, Jensen Karp (the man behind Gallery1988) told me I’d want to stop by to see Shannon and Kiersten’s work.  He was definitely right.

As you can see in the 50 pictures after the jump, the show is loaded with mostly original works that are smart and interesting.  I hate trying to describe why a piece of art works because it’s so subjective, but I promise if you check it out, you’ll agree that it’s worth your time.  In addition, while the show is mostly original’s, Essenpreis has 9 screenprints and they’re very low runs.  If you see anything you like, I’d advise you to hit the online drop in a few hours before it sells out.  Hit the jump for more.

If you’re in the L.A. area, I’d definitely stop by and check it out.  Here’s the info:

Gallery 1988 (East):

7021 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038
East of La Brea

Wed – Sun: 11 AM – 6 PM
Mon & Tues: Closed

Make sure to follow Gallery1988 on Twitter for more info.

click on any image for high-res

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