‘Share’ Director & Star Discuss the Troubling Visa Disaster that Moved the Shoot to Canada

     February 4, 2019

The journey to bring Share to screen at the Sundance Film Festival involved one extremely upsetting bump in the road, but all the hard work and passion director Pippa Bianco and star Rhianne Barreto poured into the production most certainly paid off because not only is Share a fantastic film, but now it’s a Sundance award winner. Bianco took home the U.S. Dramatic Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award and Barreto was honored with the U.S. Dramatic Special Jury Award for Achievement in Acting.

share-rhianne-barretoBarreto plays Mandy in the film. After a night out partying with her high school friends, an alarming video surfaces of her unconscious and surrounded by a group of boys taking advantage of her condition. It’s disturbing to say the least, but what makes the scenario even more alarming is that Mandy can’t piece together exactly what happened that evening. Not only is she having an extremely difficult time processing the night’s events in her own head, but she’s also apprehensive about her parents taking action and can’t find any solace in her friends’ efforts to get her back into the swing of things. It’s a troubling, isolating situation that in an instant, completely upends the routine Mandy established.

While in Park City for the world premiere of Share, we were lucky enough to have Bianco and Barreto in studio to run us through making the film, what it was like getting a first feature off the ground, working with a company like A24, and also the troubling Visa complications Barreto experienced that impacted filming and almost her trip to Sundance as well. You can catch it all in the video interview at the top of this article, and there’s also a handy breakdown of the entire conversation below.


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Pippa Bianco & Rhianne Barreto:

  • What’s Share about?
  • Bianco on the key to getting her first feature off the ground.
  • Bianco on her very first job out of college – working as a PA on Leslye Headland’s Bachelorette.
  • share-pippa-bianco-rhianne-barretoThe extensive search to find the perfect lead.
  • Barreto talks about having to learn to play basketball for the film.
  • A problem with Barreto’s Visa nearly derailed the shoot.
  • Bianco on making the decisions to move the shoot to another country to work around the Visa complication.
  • What Bianco hopes viewers will take from watching Share.
  • What it’s like finding out that the movie secured distribution and the beauty of working with a company like A24.

Here’s the official Sundance synopsis for Share:

After a night of partying, high-school sophomore Mandy discovers that a series of cell-phone videos of her—half-dressed and semiconscious—have gone viral. Struggling to piece together what happened, reeling at how quickly the normalcy of her life has been upended, unsure about her friends’ attempts to usher her back into their normal social routine, and uneasy about her parents’ inclination to take action on her behalf, Mandy has to navigate a landscape littered with others’ good intentions and find a way to heal from a wound she can’t identify.

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