Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of SHAUN OF THE DEAD by Checking out the Interactive Screenplays for the Cornetto Trilogy

     April 9, 2014


Shaun of the Dead, a film in which every beat is perfect (that’s not hyperbole; I 100% believe that), turns ten-years-old today.  The movie was a breakthrough work for director/co-writer Edgar Wright, co-writer/star Simon Pegg, and co-star Nick Frost.  It would also thematically connect to two more movies: 2007’s Hot Fuzz and 2013’s The World’s End.  Affectionately dubbed “The Cornetto Trilogy” because the popular ice cream shows up in all three movies, the films all share an interesting thematic combination of maturity mashed-up against an oppressive environment.

They also have remarkably precise screenplays and design, and now you can explore the behind-the-scenes mechanics by checking out interactive screenplays for all three movies.  Click here [via Edgar Wright] to check them out, and if you want to throw Shaun of the Dead a birthday party, don’t forget to bring flowers.

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