Shay Mitchell on Making the Move to the Big Screen for ‘Mother’s Day’

     April 28, 2016

Primarily known for her television work (in particular as one of the titular Pretty Little Liars), Shay Mitchell now jumps to the big screen in Garry Marshall’s latest anthology rom-dram-com Mother’s Day. Mitchell co-stars opposite Jennifer Aniston as Tina, the much-too-young second wife of Aniston’s former husband (Timothy Olyphant). In a lesser film, Tina would be the antagonist, a cold shrew or a naïve simpleton. But in typical Garry Marshall fashion, there are no villains. Tina proves herself to be an openhearted and wise-beyond-her-years stepmom, much perhaps to Aniston’s chagrin. It feels like a transitional role for Mitchell, the character’s arc from young LA-hopeful to responsible stepmom reflective of the more adult roles Mitchell herself hopes to star in.

In this interview with Shay Mitchell, she discusses working with Garry Marshall, creating a backstory for the character and her favorite rom-coms. For the full interview, watch the video above.

Shay Mitchell:

  • Shay Mitchell on her favorite Garry Marshall film.
  • On improvisation on set.
  • On her most memorable moment from shooting Mother’s Day.
  • On playing the antagonist (or not) opposite Jennifer Aniston.
  • On her preparation process when getting a script.
  • On the backstory she created for Tina.
  • On balancing the tone of comedy and drama in Mother’s Day.
  • On how much the script changed on set and deleted scenes.
  • On what roles she looks for.
  • On her favorite rom-com.
  • On whether this will be the final season of Pretty Little Liars.
  • On her future in TV and film.

Image via Open Road Films


Image via Ron Batzdorff/Open Road Films


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