SHERLOCK Christmas Special Confirmed for 2015; Will Be Followed by 3 New Episodes

     July 2, 2014


If you want to get your fix for Sherlock season 4 , you’re going to have to wait a while.  A couple days ago, we reported that a Christmas special was in the works for the popular BBC series, and today the network has confirmed that there will be a holiday episode.  However, they’ve gone a step further and announced that season four, which will consist of three new episodes, will follow the special.  While it’s not surprising that there will be a fourth season (in addition to the show being wildly popular, season three ended on a cliffhanger), it feels like we’re now getting a bonus thanks to the Christmas episode.

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sherlock-season-4According to Deadline, production on the Christmas episode will begin in January 2015, and the three new episodes will shoot later in the year.  Although the Christmas episode will air at the end of 2015, we still don’t know when the BBC will premiere the fourth season.

While it’s a long wait, it’s always important to remember that Sherlock isn’t really a normal TV series; it’s three 90 minute movies that air back-to-back-to-back.  While you could argue that HBO series have no problem coming back annually and can produce 10-13 hours of serialized content, that’s the prerogative of their showrunners and the network.  The BBC is willing to give its creators time to feel satisfied with their episodes.  Also, it’s not like the BBC is going to cancel Sherlock if it doesn’t return on a predetermined schedule.

Furthermore, there are the scheduling issues for Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.  Cumberbatch, in addition to being on every shortlist in Hollywood (he was recently rumored for Doctor Strange) signed on last month to replace Guy Pearce in Black Mass starring Johnny Depp.  As for Freeman, he found time to do another TV series with Fargo, so he has no problem filling the time between seasons of Sherlock.

The game is still afoot; we just have to be patient until it’s time to play again.