Shia LaBeouf, Chris Pine Considered to Lead John Hillcoat’s TRIPLE NINE?

     August 12, 2010


I really wish Production Weekly tweets had more room for explanation.  PW has tweeted that “Shia LaBeouf & Chris Pine are rumored choices to play the lead in Matt Brooks’ script Triple Nine with John Hillcoat attached to direct.”  I did some digging and nowhere could I find anything about Hillcoat being connected to a movie called “Triple Nine” or working on a movie from a script by Matt Cooke.  And what’s the movie about, it could be based on a Chinese cop drama, the Mensa-like Triple Nine Society, or something else entirely.

But Hillcoat attached to plenty of other projects including The Revenant, and [via The Playlist] a remake of Le Circle Rouge, The Death of Bunny Munroe, a film about legendary New York cop Joe Petrosino, Mob Cops, and was in talks to remake La Bonne Année.  As for LaBeouf and Pine, “rumored choices” probably just means their names are on a wish list.  However, it’s worth noting that LaBeouf was slated to work with Hillcoat on The Promised Land before financing on that movie fell apart.

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