New ‘The Tax Collector’ Image Reveals a Tatted Up Shia LaBeouf

     August 11, 2018

tax-collector-shia-labeouf-sliceCongratulations to Shia LaBeouf on being cast as the Joker in David Ayer‘s Suicide Squad! The film, due to arrive in theaters summer 2016, will team-up a rag-tag crew of DC Comics characters, including Margot Robbie‘s Harl…I’m sorry, I’ve just received an update saying that the latest image of LaBeouf posted to Ayer’s twitter account is actually from the director’s upcoming crime-drama, The Tax Collector. My apologies, it appears my information was damaged.

Plot details on The Tax Collector are being kept incredibly close to the chest, but early word—and this image of LaBeouf’s character, who we now know has the word “Creeper” tattooed across his chest—indicates that the film is a return to the type of gritty, street-crime drama that Ayer first made his name with, writing and/or directing Street Kings, End of Watch, and Training Day. Ayer’s recent forays into the more fantastical have been, to put it mildly, less well received than Jared Leto at a wrap party. Suicide Squad, which Ayer both wrote and directed, was the first film to be exclusively soundtracked by your dad’s Cool BBQ Playlist #4; an incomprehensible mess chopped to bits by a trailer-editing company in post-production that somehow, against the laws of nature, made Margot Robbie and Will Smith seem un-charismatic. The director’s latest, Bright—from a $3 script by Max Landis that Netflix paid $3 million for, a hilarious typo mistake I presume—was actually kind of enjoyable if you can bear two straight hours of fairy tale creatures firing automatic weapons into the air. That is the only thing that happened in Bright.

So, word is out on The Tax Collector. For what it’s worth, the quality of the movies themselves have been a bit erratic, but LaBeouf himself has been brilliant in recent projects American Honey and Borg vs McEnroe. This information does not make a “Creeper” belly tattoo any less funny.

Check out the image below. The Tax Collector—which also stars George Lopez, Lana Parrilla, and Chelsea Rendon—doesn’t have an exact release date yet, but is expected to hit theaters in 2019.

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