Shiva Negar on Becoming a CIA Agent for ‘American Assassin’

     September 13, 2017

How does an actor research the secretive CIA? It’s not like you can just Google –   ‘How to be a CIA Agent?’ Right?

Well, actually, of course you can. I just performed the most cursory of Google searches and found eight articles and three YouTube videos all detailing the process behind becoming an agent. Heck – there’s even a wikiHow on ‘How to Become a CIA agent’. The Internet never lets you down. For newcomer Shiva Negar, though, the research process into becoming a CIA agent was slightly more intense than a cursory Google search. The actress trained with an elite group of specialists, performing a number of different CIA exercises – all for the film American Assassin.


Image via CBS Films/Lionsgate

In American Assassin, Negar co-stars as Annika, a Turkish CIA associate with her own personal agenda. The film toys with where Annika’s loyalties truly lie – with the CIA, the terrorists or maybe just herself. Negar navigates these murky waters ably, grounding the character so we always understand her motivations and shifting allegiances.

In the following interview with the actress, she discusses Googling – ‘How to Become a CIA Agent’, the fight training for American Assassin and her research process. For the full interview, watch above. Below is a list of what was discussed.

  • What’s the research process for becoming a CIA agent?
  • What search result do you actually get when you Google ‘How to Become a CIA agent?’
  • What was the fight training process for American Assassin?

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