Point / Counterpoint: Should You Skip the Opening Credits of TV Shows?

     November 22, 2018

skip-introHas Peak TV changed the way we watch television? Is it the ease of the streaming binge model, or the fast-forward function of DV-Rs that makes us want to rush so quickly into the next episode of a favorite series? Basically, is it ok to skip the opening credits to a TV show, or are we meant to watch them to start each new chapter as part of the program itself? Below, Collider’s Deputy Editor Adam Chitwood and TV Editor Allison Keene debate the pros and cons of watching a long title sequence, Netflix’s “Skip Intro” option, and whether or not it’s ok for dramas to cut the opening credits down to just a single title card to keep viewers interested.

Afterwards, let us know your own thoughts on the matter in the comments, and also what some of your favorite (or most hated) opening credits sequences to TV shows are.