Showtime Orders A Third Season Of CALIFORNICATION

     December 3, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

David Duchovny had a hard year in 2008. Not only did he struggle with some sort of online porn addiction (apparently not as fun as it sounds) but he also oversaw the dissolution of his eleven year marriage to Tea Leoni and pissed off both 20th Century Fox and 90% of his fanbase with the general crappiness of the film “X-Files: I Want To Believe”. The man was definitely due a bit of good news and apparently he got it on Wednesday when Showtime ordered a third season of his series “Californication”.

According to Variety “Californication”, which will conclude its second season on December 14th, will begin shooting the first of twelve new episodes in the spring with a debut slated for later in 2009. The show, about a writer who gets laid a lot, averaged about 2.2 million viewers this year – which is apparently enough to get renewed when there are no advertisers involved.

I don’t actually watch “Californication,” but as it has been boycotted by family-groups world-wide who describe it as “drug, sex and vomit-laden,” I may have to take it up before season three rolls out.

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