First ‘Shut In’ Trailer: Ghost Jacob Tremblay Is Driving Naomi Watts Crazy

     August 31, 2016


Who would’ve thought that Jacob Tremblay, the 9-year-old boy who broke our hearts in Room only to them steal them later through his adorable quirks, would’ve found a niche in horror and suspense. The actor terrifies a family with all-too-real nightmares in Before I Wake, and now the new trailer for Shut In has arrived to shown him pushing Naomi Watts to the brink of insanity as a ghost child.

The trailer sees Watts as a child psychologist named Mary. She lost her husband in a freak car accident that also left her son (played by Stranger ThingsCharlie Heaton) in a vegetative state. It’s during this time that she takes on a new client, a boy named Tom (Tremblay), whom she takes into her home as a foster child. However, after he races off into the wintry night and is presumed dead, Mary believes he has come back to haunt her. Is he really a ghost? Is he really dead? Is this all in her head?

Watch the trailer below.

This is a new side to Tremblay that we haven’t seen before, but his description of Tom is still his standard adorable self: “Tom’s a dark character. Not Batman dark. But he’s scared, has rings under his eyes and looks creepy.”

Shut In is directed by Farren Blackburn (Hammer of the Gods) from a screenplay by Christina Hodson, and also features Oliver Platt as Mary’s therapist. The film is scheduled for release on November 11th. Tremblay will also appear in The Book of Henry, helmed by Star Wars: Episode 9 director Colin Trevorrow; opposite Julia Roberts in Stephen Chbosky’s Wonder; and alongside Vera Farmiga in Jordan RobertsBurn Your Maps.

But if anything, Shut In shows the young talent, who keeps his awards next to his Millennium Falcon, has more than one trick up his sleeve.



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