Sideshow Collectibles Is Having a 50% Off Sale

     April 1, 2015


I think we can all agree that Sideshow Collectibles sells some of the best nerd swag around. Not only do they sell awesome figures and insanely accurate vehicles, most of the figures end up being worth more than you paid since they’re only on sale for a limited time. However, while I love their products, I think we can all agree they’re expensive. Not everyone wants to spend two hundred dollars or more on an insanely accurate toy.

But if you’ve been waiting to buy the Destro Sixth Scale Figure, the Noisy Boy figure from Real Steel, some Man of Steel figures, and a number of other items, you might want to jump on this link asap. That’s because Sideshow is having a crazy sale on select items. When you go to pay for the item, add NOJOKE15 to score an amazing 50% OFF. I visit Sideshow’s website all the time to window shop and I don’t remember the last time they had a sale like this. While the selection is definitely limited, if they have something you’ve always wanted it’s a great deal.

Like all sales, product supplies are probably limited so don’t wait too long to purchase.

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