Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Video Reveals the Making of Sideshow’s DC Comics Animated Series Collection

     August 23, 2018


DC Comics’ Holy Trinity of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman is coming home in statue form thanks to a new series from Sideshow Collectibles. The first three statues in the new Animated Seres collection were a surprise reveal at the recent 2018 San Diego Comic Con event, where Sideshow also unveiled over 150 new collectibles. This new line of statues pays loving homage to the classic animated shows, and features all of the exquisite details and fine touches that you would expect from Sideshow, as you can see for yourself in our exclusive behind-the-scenes video below.

Today, we’re bringing you a peek behind the curtain, along with commentary from sculptor Matt Black, art director David Igo, project managers Kevin Ellis and Mike Tolentino, and paint lead Kat Sapene as they lovingly craft these handmade, unique creations inspired by the artwork of Bruce Timm. The video also teases exclusive collectible items for each statue, like Batman’s grappling gun, a new portrait for Superman, and a sword for Wonder Woman. More importantly, fans get to see every angle and every step along the path of creation for each of these stunning statues, from concept art, to early sculpting, to final paint and finishing; it’s incredible!

Pricing and full product info for the new range of limited-edition, high-end statues inspired by DC’s Animated Series have not yet been revealed, but you can RSVP at Sideshow’s site to stay up to date on all the latest information. For now, take a look at our exclusive behind-the-scenes video! You might even seen a sneak peek of the next statues that will be arriving …

That’s right! After Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman take up some display space on your shelf, DC’s greatest villainous duo, Joker and Harley Quinn, will be making their debut in the collection. We’ll have more on those arrivals in the future, but be sure to follow along with Sideshow at the links below to stay up to date: