HBO Renews ‘Silicon Valley’ and Bill Hader’s ‘Barry’

     April 12, 2018


In a move that isn’t super surprising, HBO has renewed its long-running comedy Silicon Valley for a sixth season, as well as Bill Hader‘s excellent new series Barry (you can read Adam Chitwood’s glowing review here).

Amy Gravitt, HBO Programming’s executive vice president, said in a press release that: “While Barry has delighted audiences with its deft interplay of comedy and drama, Silicon Valley remains as brilliantly and frighteningly prescient as ever. We’re thrilled that these two smart, funny shows are returning for another season.”


Image via HBO

Last summer, Silicon Valley’s Mike Judge said to THR of the show’s future,

Season five would be the second-to-last, yeah. That’s how we were talking when we were setting up this season finale, just to help us in the writing. But you never know. It could be that it gets to six and someone has some idea.

Hopefully someone has an idea! Judge added that, “We have a series finale, a place ahead that we’ve talked about for a while now just amongst ourselves. That’s how we’re thinking of it.”

Hader was very midwestern about Barry‘s Season 2 possibilities when we spoke to him last month, saying:

Well we haven’t gotten a pickup for it so we don’t wanna get too excited (laughs). We’re being very Oklahoma about it; we’re very modestly chatting like, “Oh that would be neat if that happened, but let’s not write down anything because it might not get picked up.” But we know at least we did a season of television we’re super proud of.

But thankfully, we will be getting more of this gem of a series, which is great news! Let us know in the comments if you’re watching Barry (uh, ya should be) and what you think of Silicon Valley‘s current, Erlich-less season, as well as how you think things might end (even though it could go past Season 6).

Both Barry and Silicon Valley air Sunday nights on HBO.