‘Silicon Valley’ Season 6 May Not Arrive Until 2020

     November 14, 2018


Silicon Valley has been a hit for HBO since it premiered back in 2014, but now it looks like the sixth (and possibly final) season has hit a bit of snag. Alec Berg is a showrunner on Silicon Valley as well as HBO’s new hit series Barry, and it looks like having to split his time between the two will lead to a delay for Silicon Valley. An HBO spokesperson tells TV Line, “As Alec is a showrunner on both Barry and Silicon Valley, the schedule was structured to allow Alec to wrap on Barry before starting work on Silicon Valley.”

With production delayed until summer 2019, that likely means Silicon Valley won’t return until 2020 since HBO has a pretty firm space for the show in their spring lineup. That being said, it’s not like the network will be without marquee comedies. Veep will make its return next year and we’re likely to see Barry as well.

As for the future of Silicon Valley, a sixth season could definitely be the end. Berg told TV Line after Season 4, “I can’t say we have [a specific end date] in mind, but we definitely for the first time are starting to talk about, “How long do you think this will continue…?” he told TVLine. “There is no definitive plan [to conclude the series], but we’re starting to think that maybe there are less shows left than there are in the can.”

Personally, I have trouble seeing how the show lasts beyond Season 6 simply because they’ve been going in circles for a little while now. The ball moves forward a little bit on Pied Piper, but eventually every season seems to be that everything goes wrong for the guys and then they pull out a victory at the last moment. While Silicon Valley itself will continue to be an ongoing source of amusement, the show seems to be running out of narrative momentum, so they should probably just wrap it up.