‘Silicon Valley’ Might Go Beyond Season 6

     May 14, 2018


Silicon Valley wrapped its fifth season last night, and given where Pied Piper could be heading, it’s possible that the show could grow beyond the original plan to only be six seasons. EW spoke with co-showrunner Alec Berg about the latest developments on the series and how it might change their gameplan.

Right now, Berg isn’t committing to a Season 7, but he says it’s a possibility given their writing process:

“I feel like it definitely could. That’s not to say it will. But also, the flip of that is that writing wise I always treat every season like it’s the last season. Like there’s nothing that we had that we held back. If we have a great idea, it goes in the show. It’s not as if we have outlines written for season 6 or season 6 and 7 depending; we kind of figure it out a bit as we go. So we’ll just see. I think what’s going to happen is we’re going to start writing season 6 and see how we feel and what we’re coming up with, and if we come up with a sort of great way to put the show to bed in season 6 then that might be it, and if the show is still giving us ideas and feeling fresh and like it still has legs then we might do more.”


Image via HBO

That being said, they do have an endgame in mind, although it’s an endgame that could change depending on whether or not they seize upon something better:

“We kind of have an idea of where we want to end up. And it may change depending on how long it takes us to get there and what’s going on in the world when we actually do get around to doing it. Every once in a while you come up with something while you’re working, like, ‘You know what, that’s kind of a cool place to end the series.’”

As for what fans can expect in Season 6, Berg teased:

“I would imagine now that Yao is building this network of handheld devices, that’s going to directly compete. Also, what’s going to have to happen next for these guys is they need to get this thing up and running and out in the world on mobile devices and that will potentially require partnerships with hardware manufacturers, then you bring the FCC into it, you probably have the NSA talking to you about creating backdoors in case they need to track people. It brings different things into play, because they are playing at a different level and on a different scale.”

Silicon Valley will returns for its sixth season in 2019.