Screenwriter Simon Beaufoy Exclusive Video Interview 127 HOURS

     November 6, 2010

If you read Collider on a regular basis, you might have already seen and read our roundtable interview with 127 Hours screenwriter Simon Beaufoy.  During that extended interview, Beaufoy talked in detail about how he got to the project and told some great behind the scenes stories about how the script came together.

However, while many people like reading Q&A’s, others prefer to watch someone talk about a project.  So when I was offered the chance to speak with Beaufoy on camera, I thought it would be a wise move.  Also, I’m a fan of his work (The Full Monty, Slumdog Millionaire), and I wanted to ask his thoughts on how some people are having physical reactions while watching 127 Hours.  Hit the jump to check out what he had to say:

And if you missed my video interview with director Danny Boyle and James Franco, click here.

Simon Beaufoy

  • We talk about being a screenwriter and how he can be anonymous. We were talking off camera about press junkets and somehow this came up when the camera started rolling.
  • How did he get involved with 127 Hours.  Explains how he originally thought this movie would be impossible to make.  Also talks about how Boyle did a draft of the script and then he started working on it.
  • What’s his take on people passing out/fainting while watching the movie
  • With this being the second project in a row that he’s made with Danny Boyle, what are they doing next
  • Talks about Salmon Fishing in the Yemen


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