Simon Pegg and John Landis Are Teaming Up on BURKE AND HARE

     August 23, 2009

Simon Pegg and John Landis BURKE AND HARE movie.jpg

How’s this for a slice of fried gold? “Shaun of the Dead” star and all around bitchin’ bloke, Simon Pegg, is set to star in “An American Werewolf in London” helmer John Landis’ next outing, “Burke and Hare”. Now, maybe I’m alone here, but the idea of Simon Pegg appearing in a film directed by the man who gave us “Animal House” and “The Blues Brothers” is truly something to be celebrated. Especially when the film centers on a pair of grave robbers in the 1800’s who make a living supplying cadavers to a local medical school. Intrigued? How the hell could you not be? Hit the jump to learn a bit more.

simon_pegg1.jpgDetails at this point are a bit non-existent, but thanks to DreadCentral, we know that the film starts shooting in London at the end of the summer. We also know the flick’s tagline: “No job too small, no body too big, no questions asked.”

Perhaps it’s not for everybody, but based on the little information provided here, this flick suits me right on down to the ground. Landis is able to handle comedy and atmosphere in a way that very few directors can, which should make this movie stand out amongst other recent dark comedies. “American Werewolf” has some of the scariest and funniest scenes in any American film in the last 50 years, easily. Pegg should really be able to shine here, with a premise and director who will be able to put his particular talents to damn good use. I’m getting all tingly just thinking about this.

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