Simon Pegg Interviews Edgar Wright and Jessica Hynes about SPACED – A Collider Exclusive

     August 5, 2008

Since I’ve told the following story a lot…let me be brief.

I got hurt at Comic-Con. If you didn’t hear, the back of Hall H collapsed on Thursday morning and a beam holding the curtains fell and landed on my head. While it didn’t hit me at full force (or I’d be a lot worse off than I was) it did some damage. So while I had about 20 something interviews scheduled, I missed a ton of them due the injury.

Thankfully, when you have great friends…sometimes amazing things can happen.

Like this interview.

The night before this was scheduled to take place…I had spoken to Simon (Pegg) and told him what happened. I mentioned that I was in no shape to do any interview, but I really wanted to help promote “Spaced” (one of the best shows you may not have seen). I asked if he would be cool doing the interview for me…I suggested maybe he could ask the questions and that way I’d have something on the site.

Thankfully, he said we’d work it out. So when I got there, he grabbed the microphone and I held the camera and the following interview took place.

While I normally summarize the questions that are asked…I will not spoil any part of this interview. Let’s just say it’s all kinds of funny and Edgar even brings up a certain battle Collider has been fighting without me saying a word….

But one final thing before watching…if you haven’t seen “Spaced” and have only heard the rumblings about this GREAT show…I implore you to go buy the boxed set. It’s finally been released here in America so you no longer have to import it. So if you love “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz,” but you haven’t seen “Spaced”…there is no better time than now to seek it out! “Spaced” is where the group started working together and it’ll tide you over till Edgar and Simon make their third film.

Need more proof of how awesome “Spaced” is…read thisreview.

Again, let me say thank you to Simon, Edgar and Jessica for not only doing this interview, but for making such a great show. Now get ready to laugh…

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