Watch: ‘The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror 28 Teases Maggie’s First Words (Again)

     October 20, 2017


As October prepares to come to a close, Fox’s upcoming Sunday line-up is gearing up for a fun-filled Halloween event. Whether it’s live-action fare like The MickGhosted or The Last Man on Earth, or animated antics like Bob’s BurgersThe Simpsons, and Family Guy, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, especially if you like Halloween shenanigans. One major event teased for this weekend’s festivities is the perennial “Treehouse of Horror” installment for The Simpsons, as previewed in one of a few new trailers for Fox’s series.

In the 28th horror anthology episode, not only does Maggie get the demon-possession treatment, it seems the entire Simpsons family will undergo a bit of a claymation remodeling, which is always terrifying. Maggie’s “first words” are also teased here, though technically she spoke for the first time way back in 1992, even if none of the other Simpsons’ family members heard it. I doubt it’ll be as sweet this time around.


Image via Fox Television

Here’s a look at Fox’s line-up for this coming Sunday:

  • The Mick (7:00pm) “The Haunted House” – Mickey and Jimmy organize a special Halloween party at their mansion, but the party soon goes awry.
  • Bob’s Burgers (7:30pm) “The Wolf of Wharf Street” – Linda tries impressing the children on Halloween night by going off with them in search of an elusive wolf that has been scaring the town.
  • The Simpsons (8:00pm) “Treehouse of Horror XXVIII” – Maggie’s body is overwhelmed by the malice of an ancient demon and possessed; in an alternate dimension, Lisa stumbles upon a disturbingly perfect version of her family; Homer begins to consume his entire body like a cannibal.
  • Ghosted (8:30pm) “Lockdown” – LaFrey’s boss places the office under lockdown when a dangerous amphibious creature manages to free itself from The Bureau Underground.
  • Family Guy (9:00pm) “Follow the Money” – Chris receives a special one-dollar bill as a birthday present, but he quickly loses it and the dollar passes into the possession of everybody in Quahog.
  • The Last Man on Earth (9:30pm) “Wisconsin” – When Erica and Gail leave to live on their own and Todd and Melissa depart to enjoy their honeymoon, Carol and Tandy decide to come up with a plan to make everybody believe that it is safer if they all choose to stay together.

Check out the trailer for The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror XXVIII:

Here’s another sneak peek featuring this Sunday’s episode of Family Guy:

Plus Bob’s Burgers for good measure:

And here’s a bonus trailer featuring all of Fox’s Halloween content this coming Sunday:

FOX Sunday is packed with Halloween episodes of THE SIMPSONS, BOB’S BURGERS, GHOSTED, FAMILY GUY, and THE LAST MAN ON EARTH starting at 7:30/6:30c on FOX!

What’s your favorite Fox franchise to check in with on Halloween? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!