SIR BILLI Trailer (Sizzle Reel) – Sean Connery’s Animated Film

     June 23, 2010

Sir Billi movie image slice

Back in November, we first introduced you to Sean Connery’s animated-film Sir Billi.  At this point, Matt’s thesis was that the premise sounded “batshit insane.” In April, Matt also brought you the first images from the film.  By then, he had modified his theory saying that “the movie sounds like someone came up with it while enjoying every drug ever made.”  Today, seven long months after the initial news on the film, the trailer for the film has appeared online and, I must admit, I am proud to carry on Matt’s work by claiming that the film looks like it may be Sean Connery’s (he voices the title character, an 80s something, skateboard-wielding, retired veterinarian) way of telling the world that his career is over and he just couldn’t give a damn less anymore.

With all of this in mind, if you are in need of a great laugh because the “Ke$ha / Star Trek” video is starting to lose its luster, hit the jump to watch what may be one of the funniest 2:45 you will spend for quite some time.

To be fair, the film is being produced by Glasgow Animation as Scotland’s first animated feature film. As a result they are working with an infinitely lower budget than say a Pixar and/or DreamWorks. Nevertheless, a solid dramatic pull doesn’t have to be expensive – and sadly, “Can this octogenarian, AND his goat, save the day?” is well…let’s say, less than stellar.

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