Six New Posters for WATCHMEN

     November 11, 2008

Written by Matt Goldberg

With March less than four months away, the marketing for “Watchmen” is beginning to kick into serious gear (which is between third and fourth gear on most European models), and today Warner Bros. sent out six different character posters to six different media outlets. Personally, I think the Comic-Con posters stomp these into the ground with the exception being the one for Dr. Manhattan.

I’m sure that these posters appeal to die-hard fans of the graphic novel as they spot their favorite quotes, but I fear that the mainstream will see a bunch of superheroes they don’t recognize, tag lines they don’t get, and just ignore this flick. Comic fans are going to see this no matter what. The poster could simply be “Your mother is a whore –Watchmen: 03.06.09″ and we’d all be there opening day. But the mainstream needs something like “From the director of ‘300’” because otherwise, they may just end up missing what looks to be one of the best films of 2009.

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