First Trailer for the Tenth and Final Season of CW’s SMALLVILLE

     July 28, 2010

Smallville slice logo

With the tenth and final season of CW’s Man of Steel series Smallville approaching fast, our first look at what’s coming this fall has finally been revealed in the form of a very teasing trailer. Though the video isn’t composed of entirely new footage (it features some quick flashes from the 9th season) there’s plenty of action. But perhaps the biggest tease comes at the very end when the rotating logo of The Daily Planet atop a Metropolis skyscraper has a red and blue blur quickly fly past. The biggest complaint from fans of Smallville and Superman has come from a lack of red and blue tights for the Man of Steel.  Continued after the jump:

Many have said they don’t even think the hero should fly without his trademark fashion which has spawned the phrase “No tights. No flight.” But word on the street from Comic-Con (where we had an interview with actors Erica Durance, John Schneider, Cassidy Freeman and Justin Hartley alongside executive producer Brian Peterson and producer Kelly Souders) is that there will be plenty of red and blue for fans this season and the suit that Clark Kent will put on is the exact same suit worn by Brandon Routh in Superman Returns. That’s a fun little tie-in. Anyway, check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.