‘Sneaky Pete’ Season 2 Trailer: Same Family, New Con for Amazon’s Underrated Series

     January 25, 2018


The second season of Amazon’s underrated con-man drama Sneaky Pete is returning in March, according to a new trailer. The series stars Giovanni Ribisi as Marius, who takes on the persona of his prison cellmate Pete in order to con Pete’s estranged family. But that family happens to include Marin Ireland, Margot Martindale, and Peter Gerety, so of course Marius ends up kinda falling in love with them and the idyllic home life he never had.

Unfortunately, in the first season Marius’ brother also happened to be in trouble with a major gangster, played by Bryan Cranston, and Pete’s family became accidentally embroiled in Marius’ complicated plot to save him (and they revealed some incredible resolve and secrets of their own). It was a fun story, one that didn’t get enough attention, so I do recommend heading back and giving it a chance if you haven’t already!

In the new episodes, it looks like we’ll see Marius finally feeling like he can relax … before being in the sights of some new thugs who are putting his “fake” family in danger (one in which the real Pete will need to get become involved in as well). It’s complicated! Check out the trailer below (which also acts as a Season 1 recap):

Sneaky Pete Season 2 will arrive on Prime on March 9th; here’s the full synopsis:

The critically acclaimed Prime Original, a co-production with Sony Pictures Television Studios, revolves around a con man, Marius (Giovanni Ribisi, Avatar) who left prison only to find himself hunted by the vicious gangster he once robbed. With nowhere else to turn, he took cover from his past by assuming the identity of his cellmate Pete, “reuniting” with Pete’s estranged family. In the new season, Marius is on the verge of starting fresh, when two thugs, believing he is Pete, threaten to kill the family unless he takes them to Pete’s estranged mother Maggie (Jane Adams, Twin Peaks) and the millions she stole from their mysterious employer. Now Marius must tread a dangerous line to find the elusive Maggie, protect the family, and keep up the Pete con, all while finagling a way to ditch the thugs and keep the money for himself.