Saturday Night Live’s BLACK WIDOW: AGE OF ME Trailer Shows “Marvel Gets Girls”

     May 3, 2015


The superhero boom arguably started with Spider-Man 2, and really exploded in 2008 with Iron Man and The Dark Knight. It will take another two years to get the first major female superhero movie into theaters when Wonder Woman opens in 2017 and it will take Marvel another year with Captain Marvel in 2018. This is after fans were practically begging for a Black Widow spinoff following 2012’s The Avengers and yet we’re still at the “discussions” point.

Last night’s Saturday Night Live perfectly skewered our lack of female-led superhero movies, and the lack of good, female-led films in general by creating a trailer for Black Widow: Age of Me starring host Scarlett Johansson. While it does get a little goofy, it also nails how studios are willing to churn out formulaic rom-coms but can’t seem to crack any other kind of movie starring a woman.


Image via Marvel Studios

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