‘Saturday Night Live’ Hammers Donald Trump in Multiple Sketches

     October 9, 2016


Donald Trump is a plague on the world, but he’s also been a gift to comedians. Last night’s Saturday Night Live had multiple sketches making fun of the Republican presidential nominee, and while we all knew they would do something with the recently leaked tape where Trump brags about committing sexual assault, it didn’t stop at the cold open. There was also the short, “Kellyanne’s Day Off” and even host Lin-Manuel Miranda’s monologue got a dig in.

Of course, there’s a strain of hypocrisy coursing through all of this, which is that SNL, and to a larger extent NBC, have been complicit in normalizing Trump. The Apprentice made him a reality star, The Tonight Show had him on as a lovable scamp, and he got to host an episode of SNL last season. If Trump were a normal Republican candidate like Mitt Romney or John McCain, it would have been fine (even though their policies tend to be as ugly as Trump’s), or at least not controversial. Now that Trump is going down in flames, SNL is taking the safe position of making fun of him rather than trying to ride his coattails for ratings.

We’ve only got one more month until the election, and I assume Saturday Night Live will do everything in its power to cram in more Trump jokes until then. I’m not sure if they’ll all be successful, but they had a pretty good night last night. Check out the sketches below.