Watch the ‘SNL’ Cast Bust Out Impressions During ‘Jurassic Park’ Auditions

     March 19, 2018


Saturday Night Live alum Bill Hader returned to host the NBC series for the second time this past weekend, and it was great to see a veteran back in the saddle if only for a moment. We got the Stefon bit we all knew was coming, but Hader also reprised a couple of his best impressions in a new auditions sketch, this time for Jurassic Park.

The “auditions” conceit was essentially created as a way to showcase the SNL cast’s wide range of impressions, and indeed it’s been a great conduit for that with past audition tapes revolving around films like Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This one goes old school in more ways than one, as we see an unearthed screentest video from 1992 for Jurassic Park. This not only lets impressions fly, but has the actors doing impressions of famous performers as they were in 1992. Hence coke-addled Al Pacino, via Hader.

It’s a pretty funny little bit, and unsurprisingly Hader steals the show here, bringing back his phenomenal Alan Alda impression. But Pete Davidson busts out a pretty great Adam Sandler, and Kyle Mooney’s very specific “Joey Lawrence from Blossom” got a big laugh out of me.

The episode as a whole was pretty good. Hader’s Stefon return was accentuated by a John Mulaney cameo, which was long overdue as Mulaney writes all the Stefon bits with Hader. There was also a great sketch involving Cialis in which Hader made every single cast member on stage break, which you can watch below the SNL Jurassic Park auditions. Check out the videos below.