‘SNL’ Sketch Has Kate McKinnon Making Out with Wonder Woman

     October 8, 2017


Last night, Gal Gadot hosted Saturday Night Live, so we had to get at least one Wonder Woman sketch, and they didn’t disappoint. In the sketch, Diana (Gadot) is training with her fellow Amazons on the island of Themyscira when a boat washes up carrying lesbians Megan (Aidy Bryant) and Dre (Kate McKinnon), who believe they’ve found a place consisting only of lesbians (or at least mostly lesbians and maybe a few allies). They’re soon disappointed to learn that while the Amazons may hint at lesbianism, no one is fully on board with it.

It’s a pretty amusing sketch that ultimately culminates with Gadot kissing McKinnon, which sent fans of both scrambling to Tumblr to turn it into a GIF as soon as humanly possible. While it’s clear they’re not really sure how to wrap up the sketch and it ends on kind of a flat joke, no one is really going to remember that when you have Gadot and McKinnon kissing. Of course, the sketch also seizes on the notion that one would think Wonder Woman would be a more lesbian-friendly movie and there appear to be zero gay characters. Oh well, maybe a flashback in the sequel or something will handle that.

But what really impressed me about the sketch is the costume work. I’m curious how much time the SNL costume department has to come up with a bunch of Amazon outfits that reasonably approximate what people saw in the movie and how much that costs. Also, do these outfits then get repurposes and reused? The intracies of what goes into making SNL constantly fascinates me (you should definitely check out this article Mike Ryan wrote a couple years back about the SNL set designers).

Check out the SNL sketch below. This upcoming Saturday, Saturday Night Live will be hosted by Kumail Nanjiani. I have very high hopes.