Watch: Charles Barkley Can’t Understand Aliens in Cut ‘Star Wars’ Sketch from ‘SNL’

     March 4, 2018


There’s no telling how many languages exist throughout the Star Wars galaxy, though I’m sure someone in the comments or mentions will have an exact number at the ready. Regardless, one of the myriad leaps of faith that are asked of the Star Wars audience is to believe that seemingly everyone understands every language in the universe. I vaguely remember exceptions to this rule or even an unconvincing explanation being doled out but its still high on the Nitpickers Guide to the Star Wars Canon. And thus, the writers over at SNL found a way to turn that into a sketch. Well, a cut sketch anyway.


Image via NBC

One of the sketches that landed on the cutting room floor from last night’s SNL, which featured Charles Barkley as host, was a fake clip from an unannounced third one-off Star Wars movie in the mold of Solo titled The Mos Eisley Five, complete with an intro from J.J. Abrams. The clip essentially parodies the meeting between Han Solo and Jabba the Hutt and expands it, pairing the Solo character (Mikey Day) with Kate McKinnon‘s Rey stand-in and Barkley’s conflation of Obi Wan Kenobi and Saw Gerrera. The hook is that Barkley’s character, unlike everyone else, can’t understand a word of what anyone says that isn’t English, which is at once a rote joke concept and a useful cliche in this particular setting.

It’s far more funny to watch Kenan Thompson pull off a pretty funny Hutt variation called Goba, which looks a lot more like the smoking caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland than it does Solo’s worm-like boss. One almost wishes they’d put more focus on the cheapness of the parody, such as the small puppet that plays Goba’s pet or the ludicrously incorrect Chewbacca mask that they utilize, just to underline how much money usually goes into the Star Wars films. Still, there have certainly been less-inspired Star Wars sketch that have made it onto air for SNL, so take your blessings where you can get them. You can watch the sketch right below.

Here’s the ‘Mos Eisley Five’ sketch: