New SNOWDEN Image Features Shailene Woodley and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

     April 6, 2015


Production continues on director Oliver Stone’s upcoming thriller Snowden, and Open Road Pictures has released yet another image from the set, this time giving us our first look at Shailene Woodley’s character during filming in Washington, D.C. The Fault in Our Stars actress plays the girlfriend of Edward Snowden (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) in the thriller, which recounts how Snowden obtained and absconded with thousands of classified NSA documents, which he then disseminated to the press in the interest of informing the public about privacy breaches from its own government.

Woodley plays Snowden’s girlfriend, who was unaware what Snowden was doing until he contacted her from Hong Kong, where he was already in the process of leaking the documents. She subsequently followed him to Russia, where the two live today.

The timing of the new Snowden image is spot on, as last night the real Snowden appeared on Last Week Tonight in a fantastic interview with John Oliver, who didn’t hold back when it came to asking tough questions. Will Stone’s film be similarly objective, or are we in for a more biased piece of work? I’m certainly curious to find out.

Take a look at the new Snowden image below. The film opens in theaters on December 25th.


Courtesy of Open Road Films

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