New SNOWPIERCER Trailer Highlights Action of the Train and Axe Variety

     July 24, 2013


Give me a futuristic science fiction premise and a stylish director, and I’m a happy moviegoer.  By the looks of it, Bong Joon-ho (The Host) delivers with Snowpiercer—and adds a nice cast to boot: Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, John Hurt, Jamie Bell, Alison Pill, Ed Harris, Ewen Bremner, Octavia Spencer, Kang-ho Song, Ko Asung.

The story is set in a new ice age caused by a failed experiment to stop global warming that killed virtually all life on the planet.  The sole survivors live on a train called Snowpercer—powered by a perpetual machine—who struggle with the class system implemented on the train.  You’ll have to take my word on the story, because the brief 47-second clip—labeled “Final Trailer” in the week leading up to the August 1 release in South Korea—focuses more on speedy train rides through a snowy mountain landscape and Evans axing a few passengers than class politics.  Still looks great.  No word on the U.S. release date yet, so stay tuned.  Watch the trailer after the jump.

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