Snyder Wishes He Could Make THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS

     January 5, 2009

Written by Matt Goldberg

If you had just completed an adaptation of “Watchmen”, a graphic novel that was said to be “un-filmable” and had languished in production hell for over twenty years, what would you want to do next? Would you want to do anything? Personally, I see that as climbing Everest. You may want to go higher, but you can’t. Nothing’s higher than Everest.

But for Zack Snyder, “Watchmen” is apparently K2. The next mountain to climb would be Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns”. Talking to (via MTV’s Splash Page), Snyder says, “That’s really my favorite comic book. However, the studio has this massive franchise and I don’t think they’ll let me make a BATMAN movie where he’s fifty years old and Ronald Reagan is president.” I think Snyder just missed his window. After “Batman & Robin”, I think Warner Bros. would have tried anything to get the franchise off the ground again. Then again, with “The Dark Knight” WB allowed Batman to be portrayed as a fascist and that fits right in with Miller’s comic. Keep hope alive, Snyder!

Head over to to check out the full interview where Snyder also talks about his favorite Minuteman and why he chose to keep the film set in the 80s rather than the modern-day.

“Watchmen” opens March 6th.

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