Jedi Council: ‘Solo’ Deleted Scenes Tease More Lando and Han on Trial

     September 13, 2018

On today’s Jedi Council, Mark Reilly, Ken Napzok, and Tiffany Smith discuss the following:

  • In an interview with the Huffington Post, Chris Weitz addressed the tweets he issued comparing the Empire to the alt-right movement during Rogue One: A Star Wars Story‘s promotional campaign.
  • Kevin Smith revealed on his show Fatman on Batman the “insane theory” about Rey’s Mom and that he shared it with J.J. Abrams.
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story deleted scenes puts Han on trial for maverick heroics and give us more Han and Lando moments.
  • Ray Park shares a picture on his social media of Darth Maul and his robot legs that were planned to be in Solo: A Star Wars Story.
  • The panel discusses Darth Vader #21 and Star Wars: The Last Jedi #6.
  • The Solo: A Star Wars Story novelization adds more backstory and plot details to the movie.
  • Star Wars pulled their Star Wars: Rivals app from online app stores before its official release. No reason was given, but microtransactions issues are rumored to be the reason.

Image via Summit Entertainment

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