First Trailer for ‘SONA’ Teases Geek & Sundry’s New Sci-Fi Series on Alpha

     August 15, 2018


Originally started as a wildly successful Kickstarter project, Geek & Sundry and Alpha, Legendary Digital Networks’ interactive streaming platform, have now acquired the upcoming sci-fi series, SONA. Created by Ashley Clements – the fan-favorite actress from the Emmy-winning series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party – through production company The Jigsaw Ensemble, SONA adds to the sci-fi offering of the entertainment platform’s lineup of original shows and content. Exclusive to Alpha members, SONA is a tale of adventure and hardship featuring a strong female lead with surprising plot twists.

SONA’s eponymous protagonist is Lieutenant Belyn Sona (Clements), a United Earth Space Corps officer in a future in which aliens are no longer welcome on Earth, including her husband (Brendan Bradley). The story finds our heroine trapped in a malfunctioning escape pod, uncovering through flashback the events and decisions that led to her isolation. This survival tale features a dramatic tour de force as we examine her psychological struggle against themes of mental health, immigration and betrayal.

SONA is an eight-episode series set to debut on August 22nd on Alpha. Check out the new trailer for SONA here:

Lieutenant Belyn Sona (Ashley Clements), a United Earth Space Corps officer in a future in which aliens are no longer welcome on Earth, including her alien husband (Brendan Bradley), finds herself trapped on a malfunctioning escape pod in space. Through flashbacks, the Lieutenant’s motivations become clear and how she ended up alone. SONA is a sci-fi tale that examines mental health, immigration, and betrayal.


SONA premieres exclusively on Alpha on August 22. New members use code “SPACE” on for a 60-day free trial.

“We’re thrilled to add SONA to our Alpha slate, because this gripping sci-fi tale is unlike anything we have seen before and because Ashley and Brendan’s passion for filmmaking echoes our own – doing whatever it takes to tell the best story,” says Johnny Wickham, VP of Development, Legendary Digital Networks. Jason Corey, VP of Production and Programming, Legendary Digital Networks adds, “It was inspiring to watch these talented producers employ their energy, commitment, and vision in bringing this harrowing story to life.”


Image via Geek & Sundry

SONA and its space shuttle set were handcrafted by series creator and lead actor Clements alongside director and co-star, Brendan Bradley (Non-Transferable) in Ashley’s one-bedroom apartment. Together, the creative duo completed all key production and turned to Kickstarter to raise finishing funds. After reaching their crowdfunding goal in under 4 hours, they were able to complete the series with stunning visual effects, immersive sound design, and haunting original music.

“The experience of SONA, both in the show and behind the scenes, is about feeling trapped by yourself and your circumstances. Being an actor means a lot of waiting for other people to give you permission to do what you love, so we decided to give ourselves permission,” says Clements. “This series is a testament for anyone facing limitations, creative or otherwise – make something that matters to you, and it will speak to others. You don’t have to wait for someone else to tell your story.”