Sony May Be Planning a Movie About the Video Game Console Wars

     August 28, 2012


2010’s The Social Network proved that, with the genius pairing of an incredibly talented screenwriter (Aaron Sorkin) and director (David Fincher), a movie about something as trite as Facebook could be compelling, relevant, and entertaining.  With the success of that film still lingering, Sony may be looking at giving the same kind of treatment to another business-centered, “behind-the-scenes” film about a uniquely modern luxury: video games.

Battles have been waged in boardrooms for decades between rival video game console companies, with Microsoft and Sony currently duking it with the Xbox and PlayStation, respectively.  Now word comes that Sony may be developing a feature film to tell their side of this “Console Wars” story.  Hit the jump for more.

playstation-3The folks over at Fusible (via /Film) noticed that Sony has registered a number of domain names this week with titles like and, which seems to suggest that they’re working on some sort of feature film about the so-called “console wars.”  In Contention’s Kris Tapley confirmed that he’s heard rumblings about such a film, specifically described as “a Social Network of video games.”

Though Sega and Nintendo fought for control over the gamer marketplace back in the 1990s, the current console war is between Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation.  Nintendo is still an incredibly popular company, but they’ve carved out a niche market for themselves doesn’t have a ton of overlap with the games for Xbox or PlayStation.

I assume there’s a tantalizing backdoor history of the goings-on at both Microsoft and Sony over the years, and it’s not unreasonable to assume that there’s a pretty good story in there somewhere.  What I find slightly disheartening, though, is the fact that Sony Pictures is the studio that’s looking to put this film together.  We can’t exactly expect an objective point of view from the company that also has a vested interest in which console “wins” the marketplace.

xboxThere has been no official confirmation from Sony or Microsoft concerning the development of a feature film focusing on the console wars, but it sure seems like Sony Pictures is up to something.  Hopefully we hear more solid information soon.  Below is a list of all the domain names that Sony registered.  Sound off in the comments with your thoughts regarding a “Console Wars” movie.

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