Sony Hack Movie Eyed As Next Project for THE SQUARE Directing Duo

     June 2, 2015


Jehane Noujaim and Karim Amer, the married directing duo behind The Square, an incendiary document of the recent Egyptian uprising in 2011, are currently eyeing a documentary focused on the Sony hack that cause one mighty tizzy last year as their next project. According to THR, there’s reason to believe that Amer and Noujaim have a few tasty tidbits about the entire fiasco that haven’t been reported as of yet, to say nothing of the fallout of the hack and the leaks. It’s an interesting pick for the duo, considering their last film was deeply fascinated by the atmosphere and history of a country and its political climate. In contrast, the Sony hack doc would have to confront the complex business dealings of an institution that, among other things, isn’t looking to have anything embarrassing said about them again following a rather astounding line of missteps and blunders following the hack.


Image via Netflix

What is almost certain is that Noujaim and Amer’s film would take a look at the fallout of the hack, both in the leaking of Amy Pascal‘s flippantly racist e-mails that she was rightly dismissed for and in the general handling of the event that sparked the whole mishigas, the release of The Interview. There’s a lot of story here and there’s no reason to believe that Noujaim and Amer aren’t exactly the team to parse the material, especially considering the formal intellect and tight editing that made The Square such a resonant and thrilling viewing experience. In fact, the duo was already working on a doc about cyberattacks when the Sony hack drama went down late last year, and the fact that Mike Lerner, the director of Pussy Riot: A Punk’s Prayer, is producing the project only boosts its credibility. Nothing to do now but kick up your feet and wait for the doc to get released, which will almost certainly be in anticipation of a Aaron Sorkin-penned drama based on the events.


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