Sony Pictures Revs Up GHOST RIDER 2

     January 28, 2009

Written by Matt Goldberg

Only in the age where the superhero movie is so ubiquitous does sequel talk for fucking “Ghost Rider” reach our ears. The film was not only critically maligned (no surprise there), but a dud at the box office, raking in only $110 million domestic and $228 million worldwide. Of course, the money is in the merchandising and that’s why you should make any movie. Not because you have the story or a worthwhile character but so that some seven-year-old in China can make Johnny Blaze action figure for another seven-year-old in America who will play with it for about ten minutes before getting bored and moving on to something else.

Nicolas Cage will return as Blaze/Ghost Rider and I hope his awful hairpiece returns as well. But here’s my question: A “Ghost Rider” sequel is in development; The Punisher and The Hulk has been rebooted twice in the last five years—so why is a good Marvel character like Daredevil still grounded. Surely fans would want a second shot with him than they would with Ghost Rider who’s not a character but a tattoo.

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