Sony Unveils “Screen Classics by Request”

     September 13, 2010


Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has debuted an on-demand DVD pressing known as “Screen Classics by Request.”  This means that, effective today, Sony (which owns Columbia Pictures) is offering consumers the opportunity to purchase DVD copies of classic films from the Columbia film vault for the first time ever.  When I take stock of all the things I can have “on-demand” in life (HBO, Showtime, Hot Pockets), I have to admit that DVDs of previously unreleased classic films ranks pretty high.

Hit the jump for more details on Sony’s classic DVD venture including what titles are currently available.

genghis_khan_poster_imageThe “Screen Classics by Request” program is loosely based on a similar model from Warner Home Video known as the “Warner Archive Collection” which offers consumers the opportunity to purchase around 600 rare films, shorts, and/or TV movies on DVD.  Conversely, per THR, Sony’s version currently offers “more than 100 classic Columbia titles covering a 75-year span,” with additional titles being added monthly.

In terms of price, discs purchased through “Screen Classics by Request” will be priced at $19.94 per disc, plus shipping.  While this could get pricey for someone who really takes a liking to the available library, as someone who enjoys having DVDs lying around, I think it is a fair price to pay to pick up never-before-released DVD versions of classics such as Genghis Kahn, I Never Sang for My Father, and/or Winter a Go-Go.

For those interested, you can browse all titles available through “Screen Classics by Request” here.  Sorry, Blu-ray enthusiasts, there are currently no plans to offer such services for the Blu-ray platform.

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