Watch the First 12 Minutes of SOUND OF MY VOICE

     February 16, 2012


Just the other day we brought you the first two minutes of Sundance favorite Sound of My Voice, and now Fox Searchlight has released the first 12 minutes of the film online. This chunk makes up the first “chapter” of the movie, which centers on a couple and documentary filmmaking team who infiltrate a mysterious group with the intention of exposing their leader as a fraud. If you thought the first two minutes of the movie were ominous, things get significantly creepier as the sequence moves on. The film takes an intricate look inside cults, not dissimilar from Martha Marcy May Marlene, but Sound of My Voice looks to be taking a POV approach to the issue. I’m incredibly intrigued by the footage, especially by the final 10 seconds, and can’t wait to see more.

Hit the jump to watch the first 12 minutes of the film. The footage is also interspersed with interactive “hotspots” that lead to content hinting at story elements beyond this first chapter. Sound of My Voice stars Brit Marling and opens April 27th.

Here’s the synopsis for Sound of My Voice:

In SOUND OF MY VOICE, Peter (Christopher Denham) and Lorna (Nicole Vicius), a couple and documentary filmmaking team, infiltrate a mysterious group led by an enigmatic young woman named Maggie (Brit Marling). Intent on exposing her as a charlatan and freeing the followers from her grip, Peter and Lorna start to question their objective and each other as they unravel the secrets of Maggie’s underworld.


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