Trailer for SOUTH PARK Documentary 6 DAYS TO AIR Premiering on October 9th

     September 28, 2011


It’s no secret that a lot of work goes into an episode of an animated series, but when it comes to Comedy Central’s long-running series South Park, you might be shocked to learn that each episodes is completed in just under one week. This explains how the series from longtime collaborator Trey Parker and Matt Stone remains so topical and relevant every single week, but it also means that when South Park is in production, the pressure is on to deliver, just like an episode of Saturday Night Live. Perhaps that explains why someone like SNL cast member Bill Hader is on the writing staff and makes several appearances in this promising new documentary 6 Days to Air which will premiere on Comedy Central on October 9th.

Despite the obvious stress of putting together a half-hour animated comedy in just a week, Parker and Stone seem to be enjoying themselves immensely and always make time to joke around. Other highlights include a professional sounding conversation about characters shitting into each other’s mouths and someone farting into the PA system at the South Park offices. The new season of South Park premieres October 5th at 10/9c, but see the trailer for what looks to be an eye-opening look behind-the-scenes of the series after the jump.

Here’s the trailer (via South Park Studios):