‘South Park’ Takes on Donald Trump Presidency in Latest Episode

     September 24, 2015


As I suggested last week, when South Park decided to take on the cult of celebrity that surrounded Caitlyn Jenner, Trey Parker and Matt Stone took this week’s episode to, er, comment on the possibility of a Donal Trump presidency. And as anyone familiar with the show may have expected, the criticism of Trump’s batshit ideas was not subtle, cresting with Trump, positioned as the President of Canada in the episode, getting raped by an enraged Mr. Garrison.


Image via Comedy Central

Of course, the appearance of a cartoon Trump was only the punchline to a larger joke pointed directly at those who decry immigration, and Mr. Garrison served as the leader for the anti-immigration legions. The episode, entitled “Where My Country Gone?,” revolved around the pure idiocy of those who complain about all the (incredibly minor) inconveniences that immigration (allegedly) brings to America, and by making the immigrants in question Canadian rather than, say, Mexican, the show continued its long-running, good-humored ribbing of our Northern neighbor. This included the erection of a humongous wall at the Canadian border, which Garrison insists on climbing over, just to see how good they have it over there.

Parker and Stone’s vision of a country under Trump’s leadership is, not unexpectedly, not unlike I Am Legend, a desolate, empty world only enlivened by Trump’s humongous tower, wherein he dances along to “The Safety Dance;” the best joke involves a labyrinthian set of escalators in the Trump building, echoing Trump’s now famed ride down his own escalator  before announcing his bid for presidency earlier this year. This is preempted, however, by a  quasi-sincere account of how someone like Trump would become president by a Canadian father, noting that its easy to encourage Trump’s behavior in the name of the joke but it can get (and has gotten) out of hand quickly.

Here’s a clip compiling the scenes with Donald Trump from last night’s South Park:

It’s also worth noting that, though Jenner didn’t appear in last week’s episode, she does in this week’s, and Parker and Stone took the occasion to bring up Jenner’s fatal hit-and-run accident. Say what you will about South Park, but it’s never dull or safe, and “Where’s My Country Gone?” was no exception.


Image via Comedy Central