‘South Park’ Season 20: First Clip Introduces New National Anthem, Mocks Colin Kaepernick

     September 13, 2016


We’re a little over 30 hours away from the season 20 premiere of South Park, and as is often the case, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have waited until the last minute to give us a taste of what the new season will be tackling. Last season, which ended up being one of the legendary series’ very best, tackled aggressive liberalism, online bullying, white privilege, and a host of other issues but one rarely knows what the show is going to take to task until a new episode begins.


Image via Comedy Central

This isn’t exactly true of the premieres, however. Last year, we knew that the series was going to mock the glowing praise given to Caitlin Jenner for coming out as a woman, and that carried on throughout the season in different iterations. And in the case of the first clip from Season 20 of South Park, we now know that one of the first subjects that the series will make fun of is the controversy surrounding Colin Kaepernick‘s refusal to stand for the National Anthem recently. As per usual, Parker and Stone’s first priority is poking fun at the  falsehood of a simple answer, with Randy and Gerald singing the National Anthem where they both call police officers “pigs” and then take it back when they think about the crime that cops so often are helpful at solving (“oh no, someone stole my stuff”).

It’s a funny bit, but one has to imagine that there are far more hyperbolic and hilarious moments that will come in the new episode and season. We’ll find out for sure when the season premiere arrives tomorrow night, September 14th, at 10 p.m. EST.

Here’s the first clip from South Park Season 20:


Image via Comedy Central


Image via Comedy Central


Image via Comedy Central