Watch a 5 Minute Clip from the Live-Action SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO (STAR BLAZERS) Film

     December 4, 2010

Japan’s live-action adaptation of Space Battleship Yamato (aka Star Blazers in the U.S.) opened this past Wednesday in Japan and a five minute clip from the film has hit the net.  I didn’t grow up watching dubbed episodes of Space Battleship Yamato.  In fact, I had never even heard of the anime until the awesome looking trailer popped up last year.  Ever since, I’ve been keeping an eye on the film and this latest clip makes me hope that someone picks it up for a U.S. release.  Hit the jump to watch the clip:

Here’s the plot synopsis for Space Battleship Yamato via the film’s Wikipedia page:

The year is 2199, and the Earth has been under radioactive siege from extraterrestrials known as the Gamilas for five years. The Earth’s surviving population has moved underground to escape the bombardment, but the contamination is slowly penetrating to reach them. The last space battleship of the exhausted Earth Defense Forces, Yamato, sets out on a journey of to Iscandar, a planet located in the Large Magellanic Cloud, to acquire a device that can heal the ravaged Earth before it is too late.

via Nerd Reactor

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