Pierce Brosnan Was Not a Fan of ‘Spectre’

     November 17, 2015


The latest James Bond film, Spectre, has received a rather mixed response since its release a couple of weeks ago. There are those that loved it, those that hated it, and those that fall somewhere in between (like myself). One person of particular note, however, has a less-than-glowing response to the picture, and that’s James Bond himself. Yes, Pierce Brosnan, who was famously dropped from his Bond contract in favor of rebooting with Daniel Craig, has weighed in with what he thought of the 24th James Bond film in speaking with HitFix, and one could say he’s not really a fan:

“I was looking forward to it enormously. I thought it was too long. The story was kind of weak — it could have been condensed. It kind of went on too long. It really did.”


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I mean, he’s not wrong. Brosnan, of course, played the eponymous character in four films from 1995’s excellent Goldeneye to 2002’s dreadful Die Another Day (remember the invisible car?), so he has a significant degree of experience with varying degrees of success with the Bond character. What’s interesting, though, is that while Casino Royale offered up a very different take on the James Bond franchise that continued through 2012’s spectacular Skyfall, this most recent entry actually felt at times like it had reverted to the Brosnan era, more specifically the bloated, explosion-filled post-Goldeneye run.

Brosnan continued by saying Spectre suffered from somewhat of an identity crisis, although he praised Craig’s performance:

“[Spectre] is neither fish nor fowl. It’s neither Bond nor Bourne. Am I in a Bond movie? Not in a Bond movie?. But Daniel, in the fourth go-round, has ownership of it. He had a nice looseness to him.”

So, there you have it. A Spectre review from a former James Bond. And for those that may think there’s a hint of jealousy that colors Brosnan’s comments, the actor previously heaped loads of praise on Skyfall, so there’s no bad blood here.

What do you think, folks? Is Brosnan right in lambasting Spectre’s “weak” story and bloated runtime, or do you think Spectre earned its fourth act? Sound off in the comments below.


Image via Eon Productions


Image via EON Productions

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