Watch: ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Director Shares Video of Tom Holland Performing Facial Capture

     November 30, 2016


While filming on Spider-Man: Homecoming has wrapped, that doesn’t mean Tom Holland’s duties in front of the camera are over. Of course there are the inevitable reshoots—every Marvel movie (and blockbuster) does them—but also, as the Homecoming team digs into the post-production on the film, there’s the intricate visual effects. One aspect of this involves recording the facial movements of Holland so that when Peter Parker and/or Spider-Man is created digitally (like his almost entirely CG cameo in Civil War), the precise expressions of Holland are reflected.

So with post-production underway, director Jon Watts recently shared a video of Holland coming in to record some facial capture, and it’s a pretty entertaining behind-the-scenes look at the film. While this all turns out to look badass onscreen, the sausage-making process that goes into creating a CG version of Spider-Man can be quite silly.

It’ll be interesting to see the balance between CG and practical effects in the film. Director Marc Webb upped the ante in terms of practical stunts for The Amazing Spider-Man films while Sam Raimi opted to use then-cutting-edge technology to create Spidey’s New York City web-slinging scenes. Marvel Studios is well-versed in crafting all-CG characters, as Robert Downey Jr. now only really needs to be on set when Iron Man’s helmet is off. When it’s on, that’s a CG character you’re watching.

Anyway, check out the new behind-the-scenes video below. We’ll see the finished product when Spider-Man: Homecoming opens in theaters on July 7, 2017.

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