Collider Heroes: ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Villain Spotted on Set; New Image of Superman in ‘Supergirl’

     September 7, 2016

Welcome to the 73rd Episode of Collider’s Heroes, hosted by Jon Schnepp, with guests Robert Meyer Burnett, Ashley V Robinson, and the return of Chris Gore. We bring you the latest news about the World of Heroes and Villains! On this episode of Collider’s Heroes (Wednesday September 7th, 2016) we discuss:

  • Will Superman get his own spin-off from Supergirl?
  • Mark Hamill talks Hush storyline for animated feature
  • Minor mutations
  • Twitter questions

New Villain Appears on Set for Spider-Man: Homecoming


Image via Marvel

Though rumors have pegged Bokeem Woodbine as a “certain” character in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming, for this description we’ll be issuing a spoiler alert for the movie. A new villain that has popped up with some on set images, but Marvel has not confirmed (or denied) the character or who is playing him. So if you don’t want to know, beware for its mentioned in the video above!

Too Many Supermen, or Not Enough?

We’ve known about Superman appearing in several episodes of the CW series Supergirl, and now a new official pic has dropped featuring Tyler Hoechlin as the Man of Steel, standing next to his cousin, Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl. What does this mean for the CW universe, and is this the soft launch for a new series simply titled Superman? Can this actually be happening, and does this diminish the role for the big screen’s Henry Cavill? How many Supermen can we take?

Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy talk Hush and Death in the Family Animated!


Image via Warner Bros.

At Canada’s Fan Expo, Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy, the iconic voices of Joker and Batman, kind of threw some titles back and forth to each other, mentioning both Hush and A Death in the Family storylines. These are two of the bigger and well-known story arcs from Batman’s comic book runs, both featuring Jason Todd. The Killing Joke was a smash success for DC, and with DC doing Justice League Dark, and the Teen Titans’ Judas Contract, which I personally cannot wait to see, will they keep pushing the library and adapting more and more of the greats?

Minor Mutations

Flashback – Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)


Image via 20th Century Fox

Tim Story directed the original Fantastic Four (which did some okay box office with mixed response by critics) and returns for the second film starring Ioan Gruffudd, Michael Chiklis, Jessica Alba, and Chris Evans as the first family, the Fantastic Four. Julian McMahon also returns as Dr. Doom, with the introduction of Doug Jones/Lawrence Fishbourne as the Silver Surfer, and a purple fart cloud as Galactus, eater of planets. What is it about this incredible comic book series that the films constantly fail to get? These two films pander to the lowest common denominator, treating the audience like children, with a simplistic script, and horribly unfunny bits that were supposed to be funny yet fall flat every time. “Forced” is a word that drips all over this misfire, and it only gets worse. Elements from the original Stan Lee and Jack Kirby run are repeatedly burned alive, and most comic book fans left the theaters with third degree burns. By the time the poop cloud enters the picture, you are just waiting for someone to kill this movie.

Spotlight: Howard the Duck

This week’s spotlight is on Howard the Duck, created by Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik in 1973. Trapped in a world he never made, Howard and his human squeeze Beverly moved from social satires to fight characters like Doctor Bong, Bessie the Vampire Cow, and the Gingerbread Man. Gerber went through many battles with Marvel over creator rights, as well as story plots, coming back and forth to the character over the many decades of the publications. A horrible film was made in 1986, using George Lucas’ name to sell it – but it had nothing to do with the comic book world created by Gerber. Disney forced him to put on some pants via a tasty lawsuit, and the character bounced around for many more years. He recently showed up at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy, freed from one of the Collectors glass prisons. Could Howard the Duck work now as a limited series or a feature film?

Twitter Questions


Image via The CW

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