‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Review: Another Serious Contender for Game of the Year

     September 4, 2018

Spider-Man’s story has been told dozens of times by creative minds through film, comics, cartoons and video games. Insomniac Games, creators of Ratchet and Clank and Sunset Overdrive, have stepped up to the canvas and have made a bold stroke to create a modern take on Spider-Man. Their aim was to deliver an experience that feels familiar to fans of the web-slinger while still having an original story arc. Creative Director Bryan Intihar and the whole team at Insomniac have made some changes to the canon of Peter Parker like having his on-and-off love interest Mary Jane as a reporter working for the Daily Bugle rather than a model or actress as she’s been in the past. Have these gambles paid off for Insomniac, Marvel, and Sony?

Joey Rassool and Dorian Parks of Collider Games got to play the entirety of Spider-Man early and have also had opportunities to speak directly to the developers. In this video, they discuss the game at large and evaluate its strengths. Dorian and Joey address the gameplay mechanics including swinging and combat, aesthetic choices including the suit designs and camera usage, but most importantly the two take a deep look at the character interaction and development.

All of this is presented as spoiler-free as possible, and while the end-game content is definitely worth talking about, we’re excited for everyone to play and be able to join in on the conversation before we get into any details.

Spider-Man presents some of the most compelling character interaction ever captured for a video game, and this within the same year as Detroit: Become Human and God of War is certainly a feat. This year’s battle for Game of the Year is shaping up to be an impressive bout.

Spider-Man releases exclusively on PlayStation 4 on September 7th and the DLC “The City Never Sleeps” will be rolling out beginning in October, so expect more from Insomniac’s unique Spider-Man world.

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