SPIDER-MAN Reboot Shortlist Includes Jamie Bell, Alden Ehrenrich, Frank Dillane, Andrew Garfield, and Josh Hutcherson

     May 26, 2010


Ever since Sony announced that the next entry in the Spider-Man franchise would be a reboot rather than a sequel to the Sam Raimi films, speculation has been rampant as to what young actor might fill Tobey Macguire’s boots as a teenage Peter Parker.  Alvin Sargent (Spider-Man 3) is currently in the middle of re-writing James Vanderbilt’s (Zodiac) script, which is said to be “a more gritty, contemporary redo of the series” with a high school setting.  Meanwhile, director Marc Webb ((500) Days of Summer) has reportedly been meeting with potential candidates for months now.

Hit the jump for details on the potential spider-men, including Jamie Bell, Alden Ehrenrich, Frank Dillane, Andrew Garfield, and Josh Hutcherson.

Here’s the shortlist according to Heat Vision:


Jamie Bell, 24
Bell got his start in the inspirational dance flick Billy Elliott.  Recent appearances include King Kong and Jumper.  He’ll soon be seen in the high-profile The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Peter Jackson.


Alden Ehrenreich, 20
A relative newcomer to the scene.  Steven Spielberg discovered the actor when a funny video Ehrenreich taped aired at a bat mitzvah the renowned director attended (so cool).  His most notable role is in Francis Ford Coppola’s Tetro.


Frank Dillane, 19
Another newbie.  He was the kid who creepily (but forcefully) portrayed a young Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  Recall that Summit cherrypicked Robert Pattinson from the Harry Potter franchise for Twilight, though admittedly he was playing the charming Cedric Diggory rather than a pint-sized He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.


Andrew Garfield, 27
Garfield paid his dues on British television.  Last year, he had a role in Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.  Garfield also has the David Fincher stamp of approval, as the director cast him as a co-founder of Facebook in this fall’s The Social Network


Josh Hutcherson, 18
Hutcherson made the Hollywood rounds as a child actor over the last eight years, with roles in fantasy/sci-fi fare like Zathura, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant.  And hey, he’s the only one on the list actually young enough to theoretically attend high school.

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