Tom Holland Shows Off His Spider-Man Skills in New Video

     November 5, 2015


As the casting search for the new Spider-Man was winding down, finalist Tom Holland was taking to Instagram to share some videos of the kinds of acrobatics he could bring to the role. While more often than not the Spider-Man we see on screen is either a stunt man or completely CG (with a mask this is super easy to do), it was still nice to know that Holland had a serious physicality he could bring to the character of Peter Parker—especially opposite Marvel Studios’ stable of intimidating superheroes.

Holland indeed came away with the role, and while he’s already wrapped his portion of Captain America: Civil War, the actor is now beginning training in earnest for the standalone Spider-Man reboot that will start shooting next spring/summer. The Impossible and upcoming In the Heart of the Sea star has gone back to the gym and shared another video of some of his skills, and I’ll be honest: it’s impressive. He’s incredibly nimble and able to move quite quickly, which should suit him well onscreen when he inhabits the webslinger.


Image via XYZ Films

Further casting on Spider-Man has yet to take place as director Jon Watts and screenwriters Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley no doubt continue to hone the script, but as the film’s July 2017 release date approaches, Marvel and Sony Pictures are no doubt moving closer to firming some things up, which means expect some Spidey news on the horizon after the holidays.

For now, take a look at Holland’s acrobatics in his Instagram post below. And if you want a sneak preview of the actor’s work in the Marvel Universe, check out In the Heart of the Sea next month, which stars both Holland and Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth. The standalone Spider-Man film opens in theaters on July 27, 2017.


Image via Instagram

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