M. Night Shyamalan Teases ‘Split 2′ Details, Returning Cast

     February 6, 2017


**This is your official spoiler warning. If you haven’t seen Split, turn back now. Spoilers for the ending of Split follow.**

So if you’re reading this, then presumably you’ve seen Split, the new film from filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan. And if you’ve seen Split, you know that Shyamalan managed to stealth-make a new Unbreakable movie, as the ending revealed that the events of Split took place in the same universe as Bruce Willis’ David Dunn, who’s still alive and very aware of the emergence of James McAvoy’s The Horde. So…what’s next?

Fans have been asking for an Unbreakable sequel from Shyamalan for years, and now it seems like he’s finally ready to make a third Unbreakable movie, since Split technically counts as the second. Shyamalan teased the following on Twitter:


Image via Universal

So he’s got an outline. Is Unbreakable 3 Shyamalan’s next movie? The filmmaker visited Josh Horowitz’s swell podcast HappySadConfused a few weeks ago, where he dove deep into spoilers on Split, talking pretty extensively about how the film came about, its connection to Unbreakable, and what’s next. When asked point-blank if the Split sequel is his next movie, Shyamalan said:

“I think so. I think it’s the next thing.”

The filmmaker at that time revealed that he was already working on the outline, teasing that this next movie by its nature has to be epic:

“I have a pretty detailed outline of like beats, scenes. It’s very long, which is worrying me, but I don’t see how we can—probably by its nature it needs to be kind of epic. The storyline that I’ve thought through feels very intricate.”


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When it comes to specifics, Shyamalan was mum, but he did offer up a tease of what—at this point in time—he imagines Willis’ David Dunn was thinking when he looked up and saw the report about The Horde on the TV:

“My thought bubble would be—again don’t hold me to this—but Elijah never got out of the institution. He was just a guy who believed this, but David doesn’t quite 100% believe it that way, he just thinks that he is particularly meant to do this and is kind of faded a little bit. Like this idea of comic books that Elijah was saying the comic book world is based on reality, that it’s real—there’s no other evidence for this. It’s this crazy guy who has this bone disorder who’s in an insane asylum. But then this comes up and he’s like, ‘Oh my God, he’s right.’”

Shyamalan confirmed that the plan is for McAvoy, Willis, and Samuel L. Jackson to all star in the Split sequel, revealing Jackson’s reaction when he told him about Split:

“I said, ‘You know I might be doing this movie and I might combine these two movies, I don’t know if you’re interested in playing Mr. Glass [again],’ he’s like ‘I’m dying to play Mr. Glass! I keep telling you every time I see you!’”

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